Update: More Blogging, More Reference, More Library School, Less Time

These are Canadian law books, but I like how they look and the photo was labeled for re-use so here they are! Next time, I’ll use the U.S. Reports. (David Whelan, December 5, 2016)

It’s been a while since I last updated this blog, but that’s because life has gotten really, really busy. I’ve been loving my full-time job as a law school reference librarian, and I’ve been focusing on writing more about the profession. Since I’ve been gone (yes, I did sing that part like Kelly Clarkson, thanks for asking) from posting, I’ve been elsewhere talking about:

I have a super long list of other topics I’d love to write about — too many topics, not enough time! I’m also in my final semester of library school, and I’m trying to enjoy the process as much as possible. In about a month, I’ll take my final Comprehensive Exam. I’m a little nervous. Overall, though, I enjoy my classes and I’m learning a lot. I never thought I’d say this, but I think I may actually miss library school once it’s over!

While I’m anxious about the final final exam, I’m looking forward to having more time for research and writing after graduation!

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