A Brief Note on Librarianship & Information

The library school semester officially started this week, and I’m already swimming in textbooks and articles to read. I switched to part-time status in order to give myself more time to absorb the huge onslaught of information, while also maintaining a healthy work-school-life balance.

As I was reading the Hack Library School blog this morning, I came across a quote that really stood out:

“…librarianship is not about facts, about knowing everything about libraries and information. It’s about a way of thinking about information, a way of processing it, and organizing it, and pulling it together.”

I found this to be really encouraging. Often when I help students at my main law library job, they assume I already know everything there is to know about every single state & federal law and regulation. While this is flattering, it certainly isn’t true! But through librarianship, I am learning how to carefully and systematically approach all the varied types of reference questions and offer guidance that fits each unique situation. That quote is 100% correct, in my view – librarianship is the art of processing and organizing information.

Looking forward to another LIS semester!