The Federal Courts Web Archive

The Federal Courts Web Archive launched about two weeks ago, showcasing previous websites for the Supreme Court, federal appellate courts, trial courts, and other tribunals.

From the In Custodia Legis blog:

These sites contain a wide variety of resources prepared by federal courts, such as: slip opinions, transcripts, dockets, court rules, calendars, announcements, judicial biographies, statistics, educational resources, and reference materials. The materials available on the federal court websites were created to support a diverse array of users and needs, including attorneys and their clients, pro se litigants seeking to represent themselves, jurors, visitors to the court, and community outreach programs.

The site could be of great use for researchers, especially those exploring how courts have technologically responded to the access to justice movement.

The Law Library of Congress’s In Custodia Legis blog also has a good overview of the courts and the resources available on their websites.

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